In recent times, Apple has been pushing for the subscription model to be adopted. This is beneficial for both Apple and developers where it ensures a steady income for both parties. For consumers, it means more expensive apps, but the upside is that with developers continuously getting paid, it does encourage them to keep the app updated with new features.


Now with more apps coming with subscription services, sometimes you might lose track of your subscriptions and could end up deleting an app with an active subscription. The good news is that with iOS 13, Apple has included a new feature in which they will warn users when they delete an app that has an ongoing active subscription.

Spotted by Federico Viticci on Twitter, it shows a popup box that asks users if they want to keep the subscription going with the app they are about to delete. This is to remind users that they should probably cancel their subscription if they are going to delete the app. In some cases, such as Netflix or Spotify, your subscription applies to other devices so these warnings might not be applicable in all situations.

However, it is still a good reminder just in case users delete an app before forgetting to cancel their subscription and end up running a recurring bill as a result.

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