When Apple introduced the 2018 iPad Pro, they made a huge change because for the first time ever, Apple had opted to go with a more universally-recognized connector in the form of USB-C. In some ways, this didn’t really come as a surprise as Apple’s more recent MacBook laptops have ditched all other ports in favor of USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.

It also seemed to hint that Apple could also be making that shift for the iPhone, and now according to a tweet by Raphaël Mouton, it seems that those changes could be coming to this year’s iPhones. This is based on an image shared by Mouton in which his iPhone is running on the iOS 13 beta.

As you can see in the image above, it shows a diagram of a cable connecting to a computer, but what’s interesting about this design is that it seems to show off a USB-C cable. To play devil’s advocate, ZDNet does point out that this could simply be in reference to the MacBook computers which use USB-C instead of USB-A for their ports.

However, as we said, the shift in the iPad Pro’s ports does seem to hint that Apple could be making a change which could trickle down to the iPhone as well For a company that loves uniformity, it would be strange for them to not eventually unify their products. Whether or not it’ll happen with the 2019 iPhones remains to be seen, although there are some who believe otherwise.

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