Opera today announced what it calls a “gaming browser,” it’s a version of the Opera browser that’s meant to appeal to gamers. It does provide them smart features that will make sense to those who really want further customization on their gaming rigs. Other than that, the gaming browser is unlikely to appeal to the average users.


The Opera GX panel is the real star of the show here. It lets users set limits of CPU and RAM usage. The limiter will enable users to see how those resources are being used at any moment in time and they will be able to adjust the limits as and when required. Browsers can tend to be resource intensive so this panel will certainly provide an additional level of control in this regard.

Other gaming-related functionality includes a tab screen that will show deals on games in addition to gaming and entertainment-related stories. There will also be a permanent bar on the left-hand side of the screen for quick access to certain settings much like the normal version of the Opera browser.

Customizable lighting is present as well with the accent color being fully customizable. Other standard Opera features such as an ad blocker, VPN, pop-out panels, and more are all present as well.

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