The way kids learn these days is very different from back in our days. However, some of it is still based on the fundamentals, such as playing with blocks and shapes, and that seems to be what Osmo is going for when they announced their new Little Genius Starter Kit which is an iPad learning kit aimed at preschoolers.


This kit will come with four interactive games that will teach kids a variety of subjects. One of those is their ABCs where kids are tasked to build letters using stickers and rings where they can also learn their vocabulary in the process. There is also problem-solving game where kids can mix and match costumes to find solutions to obstacles.

Then there will also be a game where kids can create any shape or object they want using the kit where they will then “come alive” on the iPad’s display. Last but not least is a costume party game where kids will be able to give onscreen characters a bunch of clothes and colors to make costumes and watch their reactions.

According to Osmo’s Dr. Heidy Maldonaldo, “We want to bring preschool learning to the 21st century by merging Froebel’s and Montessori’s proven educational manipulatives with adaptability and personalization for digital applications.” The kit is expected to be available for pre-order in the coming weeks where it will be priced at $79, iPad not included, of course.

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