Earlier this year, Samsung announced a couple of new wearables, one of which was the Samsung Galaxy Fit. As the name implies, this is a fitness tracker designed for those who need a tracking device for their workouts, but not necessarily need all the functions that might come with a smartwatch.


If the Galaxy Fit managed to capture your fancy, you’ll be pleased to learn that the device has since gone on sale in several markets, which we imagine will expand as time goes on. So far, the markets that the device has launched in include Japan, Spain, and South Korea where it is priced at around the €90 mark. This makes it one of the more affordable devices in the market today, where it is also cheaper when compared to a full smartwatch.

Just in case you might have forgotten, similar to the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones, the Galaxy Fit comes in two variants. The normal version which costs around €90, and the cheaper Galaxy Fit e that is priced at almost half the price at €40. Both devices offer up similar basic tracking features and are also MIL-STD-810G certified in terms of ruggedness.

The main difference would the size of their displays and also their battery, where the Galaxy Fit features a 120mAh battery while the Fit e has a smaller 70mAh battery. However, if you plan to use them just purely for tracking purposes and won’t wear it all day, then perhaps the Fit e might be a more affordable solution.

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