We published about G-RO when the company launched its first very successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 ($3.3M), to support the development of their intelligent luggage G-RO, a well-designed carry-on equipped with strong wheels, a 20,000 mAh battery and a tablet stand among many other cool features.

Today, G-RO is back for its third campaign and its third futuristic luggage, the SIX, which delivers impressive new ergonomic features, minus the battery. At Ubergizmo, we typically do not publish about products that lack electronics, but we are making an exception for the SIX since it is the top carry-on that we would like to have for our extensive travelling covering tech events around the world.

Among the new features, the SIX includes 4 wheels (instead of two) and a 66 degree-angled sturdy handle to enable its “push luggage” design concept for effortless navigation, and high maneuverability in crowded places such as airplane aisle or busy lines in airports. Netta Dor Shalgi, co-founder, G-RO, showed me the SIX in action and I could push and guide the fully packed luggage outside using one finger! Thanks to its patented large GravityRoll and its two front full-bearing spinner wheels with silent polyurethane tires, the suitcase did not make any noise while rolling on the pavement.

Design-wise, every detail has been thought through by the G-RO team, including making the top totally flat so you can use it as a small table to work on with your computer or put a coffee cup. (see the photo gallery).

To maximize the interior space and the durability, the device features recessed handles and wheels, and a lowered bottom and a premium-quality virgin polycarbonate shell.

The exterior dimensions are 22” x 14” x 9”, the maximum carry-on size allowed by most airlines. The unique angled and split design for the handle is also a key factor to deliver more packing space inside. The handle is made of two tubes of magnesium which is 20% lighter than aluminum.

When folded, the handle is not in the center of the luggage, however it is more convenient than the regular centered handle as it prevents the wheels from bumping into your leg when carried.

Expected to ship in December 2019 (according to G-RO) the SIX is available now on Kickstarter for pre-order, in white or black, with a $295 early bird price tag, the regular price will be $345. You can check the bundles as well on the campaign page.

At the time of publishing (6/18/2019 – 5.30 pm PT) and after the campaigned launched this morning at 5 am PT, the funding already crossed the $420K mark!

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