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Most of us have used the YouTube app on our phones. One of the ways to view the comments on our phones is by scrolling all the way down. This isn’t the most convenient way of viewing comments, but according to a report from XDA Developers, it appears that the company is testing out a new way of displaying comments on the Android app.

As you can see in the screenshots above, it seems that YouTube has decided to create a new tab right below the video next to the like/dislike button. Dubbed “Comments”, tapping on this will bring up the comments second, and tapping it again will hide it. This is useful as the comments section on YouTube can be rather toxic, so if you’d rather just watch the video and not bother going through the comments section, you won’t have to.

Users can also refresh the comments section by dragging down and releasing it. However, as some of you might have noticed, by introducing the comments button, YouTube was forced to move the “Save to watch later” button. Instead, if you want to access that feature, you’ll need to tap the downward arrow which will show the “Save to watch later” button.

It’s an extra step that might seem a bit inconvenient, but it seems that YouTube is prioritizing users interacting and engaging with the video, rather than saving the video for watching later. So far, this seems to only apply to the Android version of YouTube and only in India, but we imagine that the changes should eventually expand to other markets and also iOS devices as well.

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