If you’ve ever wanted to look up a medical symptom or a cure online, it’s quite easy as all you’d need to search online and you’d have your answer. However, if you’re too lazy to search, you might be interested to learn that Amazon and the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK are teaming up.


What this team up means is that the next time you want to know how to treat a headache, all you’ll have to do is ask Alexa and Amazon’s digital assistant will be able to convey possible cures for your problem. While this might seem like a great tool for those who are too lazy to pull out their phones or go on their computers, this was actually designed for the elderly or the blind in mind.

This is because those who are too old or who might be visually impaired might find it hard to search up medical information on the internet, so by using Alexa, which allows them to ask questions normally, it could help. It is also expected to help reduce te pressure put on the NHS and local clinics, plus with the information being pulled directly from the NHS, users can at least trust that it is accurate.

This doesn’t mean that Alexa will be or should replace doctors and a proper diagnosis, but for simple things, it could come in handy.

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