Apple introduced the 12 inch MacBook some four years ago. It happened to be the slimmest notebook in the company’s lineup. It was evident that the company would put it on the chopping block after it hadn’t received an update in over two years. So it’s not surprising to see that Apple has indeed stopped selling the 12 inch MacBook.

The 12 inch MacBook is no longer available for purchase from Apple online or through its retail network. It was priced at $1,299 when it arrived which placed it just below the entry level MacBook Pro which was certainly better in performance in exchange for being slightly larger and heavier.

It seems that Apple has found this notebook’s replacement in the new MacBook Air which comes with a Retina display. It may not be as thin and light as the 12 inch model but it does outperform the MacBook.

This isn’t the only notebook that Apple has discontinued. The previous generation MacBook Air, the one that doesn’t feature a Retina display, has been discontinued as well. Consumers won’t be able to buy it but Apple is still going to offer it through its education channels and resellers. At $1,099, the new MacBook Air is now the clear replacement for the 12 inch MacBook.

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