Apple formally announced the 12-inch MacBook today that comes with a Retina Display. Much had already been rumored about this product and most of it turned out to be true, including the rumor about its USB Type C port, which replaces all other ports on the notebook. This means that you will have to use an adapter if you want to use the MacBook for HDMI video output or to use a conventional USB drive. Apple is offering two such adapters for $79.

USB Type C is reversible and its just one port that can be used for charging, data transfer and much more. Apple has added just one port to its new notebook, excluding the 3.5mm standard headset jack, so if you find yourself in a situation where you need HDMI out and a power source, you’ll need an adapter.

The adapters that Apple is selling for $79 feature one USB 3.0 port and one USB Type C port. In one there’s a HDMI port in the middle and in the other there’s a VGA port. You can pick and choose as per your requirements.

It is not unusual for Apple’s accessories to be priced a bit higher than one would expect. Given the fact that USB Type C is an open standard it is only a matter of time before other companies start offering cheaper adapters and dongles.

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