Video game movie adaptations usually get a pretty bad rap for being not very good. However, it seems that Detective Pikachu has managed to break that mold because according to reports, the movie is now the highest-grossing video game movie of all time following sales that were generated this weekend.

According to the figures, the movie has managed to earn as much as $436 million worldwide. Breaking this down, the movie made $143.3 million in the US, while the rest of the money came from foreign markets. It was reported back in May that Detective Pikachu could be one of the most successful video game movies of all time, and now it looks like it has.

Reviews of the movie were largely positive, with many praising the film’s tone and story. It probably helped a lot that Ryan Reynolds was part of the cast in which the actor lent his voice to the Pikachu character, a first, when you consider that Pokemon in generally do not talk. It was also previously reported that a sequel to the movie has already been greenlit, although when exactly it will be released remains to be seen.

The film’s producer had also previously expressed interest in creating a Pokemon Cinematic Universe, similar to what Marvel has done with its Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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