When it was announced that a live-action Detective Pikachu movie was in the works, it raised quite a few eyebrows since a live-action movie with Pokemon did seem a bit weird. It was later made weirder when it was announced that Pikachu would be talking, and that Ryan Reynolds would be the one behind the voice.

However the trailer does look like it somehow works, given Reynolds’ trademark comedic acting, and it might have also convinced studio execs that a sequel is warranted. A report from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that a sequel to the movie has apparently been greenlit and that Oren Uziel, the writer for 22 Jump Street, has been hired to help pen the script.

It is rather ambitious that the studio is taking on a sequel even without necessarily knowing how well the movie will do. Perhaps early testing has shown that it has the potential to be very well-received. The movie is currently set for a release on the 10th of May, 2019 and safe to say that many a Pokemon fan are quite eager to watch it.

So far movies based around video games have never really done that well, but Pokemon might be the exception. Most of the Pokemon movies released to date have been somewhat well-received, presumably thanks to its large and dedicated fanbase. In fact there have been talks that the original Pokemon movie could be getting a CGI remake in the future.

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