It has always been possible to share any file or folder from your Dropbox with someone else even if they didn’t have a Dropbox account of their own. The service has long been used by people who want to collaborate on files. However, Dropbox is now launching a new service which will particularly focus on the data transfer side of things and not collaboration. With Dropbox Transfer, which is launching in private beta today, users will be able to transfer files of up to 100GB at once.

As it stands, sharing a file or folder from Dropbox also syncs any subsequent changes made to it. So if you were to share a folder and then delete it from your own Dropbox, the recipient will no longer have access to it as well. That won’t be the case with Dropbox Transfer. It’s actually going to send the recipient a copy of the file so that they can download it even if they don’t use Dropbox and you change or delete something after it has been sent.

Shared folders will always be more useful when the intention is to collaborate. Transfer will come in handy when files are only meant to be sent to someone, like a client, without any need for collaboration. It can handle files of up to 100GB in one transfer which is significantly more than what services like WeTransfer and Mediafire allow.

Dropbox hasn’t confirmed, though, if this 100GB limit will also apply to free users, though it’s quite likely that they will have to make do with a smaller limit. Interested users can join the waitlist to become a part of the private beta for Dropbox Transfer. It will be a while before this feature is rolled out to everybody.

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