Last year, Facebook was hit with its biggest scandal of all time when it was revealed that an organization called Cambridge Analytica misused data that Facebook had granted them access to. This resulted in a huge breach of privacy for many of Facebook’s users, which ultimately led to calls to break up the company.

Whether or not the break up will happen remains to be seen, but in the meantime, the FTC has voted to approve a settlement agreement with Facebook in which the social network will be hit with a massive $5 billion fine over the scandal. This is a huge sum of money and will no doubt be a blow to Facebook’s finances, although last year it was suggested that despite the privacy issues, Facebook’s usage stats didn’t seem to be affected too much.

This indicated that while many might be upset over the privacy scandal, Facebook is too ingrained in our lives for us to simply up and quit. This is thanks to how Facebook has become the default platform for users to get their news from. It is also how many users choose to log into websites where they can use their Facebook credentials.

This has led to Apple coming up with their own solution called “Sign in with Apple” which will act as a more private alternative to Facebook logins.

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