There are many parts of the world in which data can be expensive and internet can be slow and unreliable. This means instead of being concerned about whether your video can be streamed in 4K, some are worried if their videos can even stream smoothly at all, or if their videos won’t eat up all of their data.

The good news is that if you wouldn’t mind if your apps were more data-friendly, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has since announced a new app called Gallery Go. This is a lightweight alternative to Google Photos, where the app itself only weighs in around 10MB but will come with some of the features of Google Photos that users have come to know and love.

According to Google, “The app keeps your photos automatically organized and make your snaps look their best with easy editing tools such as one-tap auto-enhance. The app is only 10MB to keep your phone light and fast, so that you can spend more time capturing memories.” While the app was announced for the Nigerian market, it is available worldwide through Google Play as long as you are running Android 8.1 and above.

This is not the first time that Google has created “lite” version of apps catered towards emerging markets. Previously, the company had launched YouTube Go which was also designed for emerging markets in mind.

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