Google Translate has received a major update for its instant camera translation feature. It allows users to just point their camera at a foreign text and have it translated into English. It makes it easier to understand your surroundings when you’re in a country where English isn’t used for signs. This feature’s usability has been improved with support for 60 more languages.

Google has confirmed that the instant camera translation feature now supports 60 additional languages which include the likes of Thai, Arabic, Hindi, Malay, and Vietnamese. The full list of support languages is available on the company’s website.

The feature previously allowed users to translate between English and other languages. However, it’s now possible to translate into any of the 100+ languages supported on Google Translate. What that means is you can now translate from Arabic to French, for example, or from Japanese to Chinese.

The “Detect language” feature will automatically detect the foreign language and translate it. This will come in handy in regions with multiple languages. Google has also built in Neural Machine Learning technology into instant camera translations. This results in more accurate and natural translations, even reducing the errors by up to 85 percent in certain language pairs. All of these improvements are included in the latest version of the Google Translate app available now.

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