Going to the hospital for treatment can be an expensive process, especially if it is for a serious illness such as cancer. Insurance can only cover so much, which is why a young boy who goes by the Twitch handle zylTV has decided to take up a career in video game streaming in hopes that he can raise enough money to help pay for his dad’s medical bills.

His dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer which has since spread to both his lungs and liver. According to the doctors, they have given his dad a 20% chance of survival, but this does not mean that zylTV has given up. Instead, the kid streams Fortnite Battle Royale 10 hours a day in hopes of raising money to help pay for his dad’s treatment.

zylTV had initially had a goal of raising $5,000, but he has since surpassed that goal and managed to raise $13,000. This money will be used towards paying medical bills as well as cover any travel expenses. We know that streaming can be a lucrative source of income for some, to the point where some gamers have actually made streaming their jobs.

Hopefully by continuing to stream, zylTV will be able to raise more money to afford future treatments and we wish him and his dad all the best!

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