3D Touch is admittedly a rather underused feature of Apple’s iPhones. It was meant to be a revolutionary feature where it introduced the concept of pressure-sensitive display to smartphones. However, the fact that it was hard to find and wasn’t always so obvious, it ended up being very underused.

So much so that according to the rumors, it was suggested that the feature could be deprecated. Now in a new report from DigiTimes, they are “confirming” that Apple will be removing 3D Touch from all of its iPhone 11 models. This will be a huge change moving forwards, especially since 3D Touch has been in pretty much every iPhone back in 2014, and we’re sure that even though it might be a rather under-utilized feature, there will be some who will miss it.

Now, we should point out that DigiTimes has quite a bit of a hit-and-miss track record when it comes to Apple-related rumors, so take it with a grain of salt. However, at the same time, a recent sighting in iOS 13 has uncovered evidence that Apple could indeed be removing 3D Touch from future iPhones.

There were references in iOS 13 made to features like Peep and Pop, Quick Actions, and so on, which is what Apple is calling Haptic Touch and can be found in handsets like the iPhone XR.

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