At the moment, no one really knows what Apple has planned for its self-driving cars. However, it seems that despite the secrecy surrounding the project and Apple’s plans, the company seems to be progressing rather nicely with whatever it is they are doing because according to reports, Apple has expanded on its self-driving car team.


This is according to figures from the California Department of Motor Vehicles in which it was revealed that Apple had expanded on its self-driving car team, bringing on about 33 new drivers to put them behind the wheel of its existing self-driving car fleet, which consists about 69 vehicles in the state.

This seems to be a stark contrast to the reports we heard a few months ago, where Apple was said to have reshuffled the employees behind its self-driving project, suggesting that the company could actually be scaling back on its development. However, these new hirings suggest that Apple could actually be pushing forwards with it.

It is unclear when we might actually see the fruits of Apple’s labor, so at this point in time, no one knows if Apple could ultimately create their own cars or create a system that could be used in other cars, similar to their CarPlay system.

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