Google’s Chrome OS has typically been viewed as a less comprehensive operating system, at least when compared to the likes of Windows or macOS. However, over the years, Google has been making improvements and changes to Chrome OS to make it more functional than ever, and the latest update could be of interest to some.

In the latest update to Chrome OS, that will bring it up to version 76, Google has finally introduced virtual desktop support to Chrome OS, also known as VIrtual Desks. For those who are unfamiliar with virtual desktops, basically this is where users can create special “layers” of apps that they can switch between.

For example, you could create a layer designed specifically to house your workplace apps, and another layer where you can have media or entertainment apps. This means that you can switch between different groups of apps while maintaining some degree of separation. This could be useful on laptops that might have smaller screens and you don’t have the luxury of keeping apps on different monitors.

If you’re interested in checking out the feature, you might have to manually enable the feature’s testing flag by typing chrome://flags/#enable-virtual-desks. That being said, as Android Police notes, Chrome OS’ Virtual Desks feature isn’t quite as feature-rich compared to Windows or macOS, but for Chrome OS users who have been looking forward to the feature, we suppose it’s a good start.

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