When it comes to shoes, for most of us, we buy a pair and then we keep it for the next year or so. However, Nike is hoping to build a sneaker culture amongst kids in hopes of generating more sales, so much so that the company has announced plans for what they are calling the Nike Adventure Club.

This is essentially a sneaker subscription service aimed at kids where for a monthly subscription fee, parents will be able to save some money when buying shoes for their kids. These subscription plans vary depending on your preference, where it can start a $20 per month and go up to $50 per month, and parents will also be able to choose between monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly options when it comes to ordering shoes.

This is actually not a bad idea from a business standpoint. Given how fast kids grow and outgrow their shoes, this could save parents time from having to go out and keep shopping for new shoes. However, we also have to admit that it does sound rather wasteful and it means a lot of shoes will eventually get left behind.

That being said, if you’re a parent who sees merit in this subscription program, then head on over to Nike’s Adventure Club website for more details on how you can sign up for it.

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