When it comes to shoes, there’s a good chance a lot of times when we buy them, we buy them mostly based on their looks. We probably don’t give too much thought into the tech that goes behind these shoes, but if you were to pickup a pair of Nike’s new GO FlyEase shoes, it might be a very different experience.

On the surface, the Go FlyEase looks like a normal pair of shoes, albeit with a slightly futuristic design, but what’s interesting about these shoes is that Nike has designed them so that you can put them on without using your hands at all. If you’re particularly concerned about hygiene, then these might be the shoes for you.

This is thanks to Nike including a bi-stable hinge and midsole tensioner that lets your feet slip into the shoes with ease and completely hands-free. Apart from hygiene, this also makes the shoes great for those who might have disabilities or injuries that would prevent them from bending over to slip shoes on or to tie laces.

Taking the shoes off will also be equally easy, although most of us have probably figured out a way to take our shoes off hands-free anyway. The Nike GO FlyEase will be going on sale for select Nike members in February for $120, and will be more widely available later on in the year.

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