There is a reason why not everyone is mining for cryptocurrencies in their own home. This is because the mining process requires quite a bit of powerful hardware (which is why at some point in time, the prices of GPUs were going up) and also a lot of electricity, meaning that you could actually end up spending more than you make if you’re not successful.

However, over in Ukraine, it seems that some “enterprising” employees at one of the country’s nuclear plants thought that instead of paying for their own electricity, why not “borrow” the plant’s electricity to mine for cryptocurrency? Unfortunately, their scheme fell through as they have since been arrested.

The reason for the arrest, apart from the fact that it is illegal to steal electricity, were concerns that details about the nuclear plant could have leaked onto the internet when it was connected to the network. In a statement made by the station, “A search was carried out which revealed that in one of the storage rooms, which is used for spare parts for auxiliary equipment, a power plant employee had placed his own computer equipment for cryptocurrency mining.”

The employee that was caught was surprisingly not fired but was instead demoted and apparently will have to compensate the company for the electricity that he stole.

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