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BMW is a pretty popular car manufacturer in the US. However, a new armored SUV originally based on the body of BMW X5 hit the headlines recently and no one can stop talking about it.

It can withstand AK-47 bullets with its armor plating and multi-layered safety glass. You also get an intercom and an attack alarm system inside.

The protection level on this model is a huge step up because it can also protect you against grenade explosions and drone strikes.

The windows shall remain in the same position even after a significant blast because of the integration of a ‘Post Blast Protective Technology’.

In my opinion, this might benefit a few but not a lot every car enthusiast is looking forward to it.

The new BMW X5 Protection VR6 is a special security vehicle. The core (driving experience, design, and interior) of BMW X5 Protection VR6 is similar to the production model BMW X5- with a few tweaks here and there to adjust the weights from the armor plating utilized in this car.

The added armor plating and enhance protection should not affect the overall look of the car, meaning – you may expect the vehicle to look unique, but it looks just like a normal car from the outside. Here’s how it looks:

bmw x5 protection

In addition to all the security features, it offers a whole range of customizations available while ordering. You can add additional equipments from the list of what’s available or just stick to the stock one.

You can learn more about what it offers on the official webpage. But, so far, it seems very interesting and blends as a Luxury SUV car. So, it might come in handy for a lot of folks.

What’s your take on BMW’s X5 Protection VR6? Do you think that BMW will be able to manage the weight of a car while having the best-in-class armor protection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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