Are you looking to buy yourself a brand new OLED TV? If you are, you can walk into pretty much any electronics retail store and check it out for yourself. However, do you really know what you’re buying? Sometimes all these tech jargons and marketing terms can be confusing for customers, but LG is hoping to clear that confusion up.


LG has recently announced that they will be embarking on an OLED TV “tour” across the US through Best Buy stores. Unlike simply displaying their TVs at stores, this tour will give customers a chance to ask questions about the TV and have them answered by experts. Given that how expensive some of the higher-end TVs are, we imagine that customers would like to learn more about what they’re buying before committing a lot of their hard-earned money to it.

To help showcase their TVs, LG will be creating a “Living Space” section that has been designed to resemble a living room, where the company together with Sony will be showing off some of the advantages of choosing an OLED TV over LCD. In addition to giving customers information to help them make informed purchases, LG will also be providing customer a gift certificate that will let them get 10% off (up to $250) the purchase of an LG or Sony OLED TV.

This OLED TV tour is expected to run until February 2020, so if you’d like to learn more, just head on over to your local Best Buy to check it out.

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