One of the main security features of the Apple Card that Apple touts is the lack of numbers printed on the card itself. Apart from your name, the Apple Card does not have the credit card number printed on the card, nor its CVV. This is designed to help prevent fraud where despite not having access to the card, those numbers could still be used to authorize purchases.

However, no security system is perfect and it looks like the first reported case of Apple Card fraud has made its way online. This is according to a report from 9to5Mac in which one of their readers, David, recounted how his Apple Card was used to make a purchase several hundred miles away from him, and how an Apple rep responded to his case.

Basically, David discovered that there was a fraudulent purchase made using his Apple Card. When he reached out to Apple, the rep was quoted as telling him, “I do not know how this could of happened.” The rep also states that it is “very rare” for instances in which the Apple Card could have been in two places at once, and that they will be investigating the issue to see how it happened.

As 9to5Mac notes, despite the lack of numbers on the card, it still contains a magnetic strip and a chip which does make it susceptible to skimming devices and cloning, which is how David’s card might have been copied and used fraudulently.

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