Why professional photographers have a need for cameras with higher megapixel count is because during the printing or editing process, having higher megapixels means that photographers have more details to work with, while still being able to retain the details in the rest of the photo.


However, it seems that our ever-increasing demand for a higher megapixel count could have led to an instance of crime. According to Japanese publication NHK, it seems that a fan of Japanese idol Ena Matsuoka managed to find the singer’s home through an admittedly clever method, where he zoomed into a photo of the singer’s eye and discovered a reflection of a train station.

This was through a photo that the idol had uploaded onto social media, which she does on a regular basis. It is said that he also relied on videos that showed the idol’s curtains and even took note on how the lights shone through them, and with the use of Google Maps’ Street View, he located the exact station and went there, waiting for the idol to return home.

He then followed her from behind and covered her mouth with a towel before groping her. Thankfully it did not progress to something worse, and he was ultimately arrested and eventually admitted to attacking Matsuoka.

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