More often than not, you come across popular Instagrammers who might have their accounts hacked and taken over. This can happen in many ways, one of which involves phishing scams where an email, supposedly from Instagram, is sent to the victim, where they might fall for it and give away their login details.


Generally speaking, pretty much no company would ever ask users to divulge this kind of information over emails, but we get it, sometimes these emails look extremely real and if you’re not aware, you could easily fall for it. However, it seems that Instagram has come up with a way to help fight the problem.

As part of Instagram’s new security feature, they will show users a list of email addresses that one might expect from the company. This means that if you receive an email claiming to be from Instagram, you can check it against the list that Instagram has provided in the app to make sure that it is from them. Alternatively, you can also use this list as a way to whitelist Instagram emails so that when you receive it, you know it’s for real.

In the meantime, there are other ways that one can use to keep their account secure. This involves using complex passwords and two-factor authentication, just to name a few.

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