While it might be tempting to download and use a software in beta because you’re too excited and can’t wait to see what kind of new features it might bring to the table, there is a reason why it is in beta, because there are bugs and issues that haven’t been fully flushed out yet. In fact, that’s what some iPad Pro users are finding out for themselves, unfortunately.


According to reports, it seems that some iPad Pro users who decided to take part in the iOS 13.2 beta, they are finding that their tablets are getting bricked. Note that this is for Beta 2, meaning that if you’re on the first beta of iOS 13.2, you should be fine as we haven’t heard of any issues with it.

Based on one user’s report of the problem, “My ‌iPad Pro‌ 11″ is in the same position, it failed during the update of iOS 13.2 beta 2. What you can try is putting it into DFU mode (press volume up, volume down, then hold power for 5 or so seconds) and plug it into iTunes via cable to restore it that way.”

While that method might work for some, it did not work for that particular user who had to take their tablet back to Apple to get it fixed. Apple has since pulled the iOS 13.2 beta update so if you haven’t updated yet, you won’t be able to find it until Apple gets it fixed. Even then, we advise you to approach it cautiously.

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