A couple of months ago, Apple found themselves in a bit of hot water. For a company that prides themselves on protecting and valuing the privacy of their customers, Apple was found to have shared user recordings with Siri with outside contractors. It was later revealed that Apple would be suspending the program and that they will soon be giving users the option to better control Siri’s privacy settings.


The good news is that if you were a bit uncomfortable with Siri’s privacy settings, then you might want to keep an eye out for the iOS 13.2 update. This is because according to the folks at MacRumors, it seems that Siri’s privacy settings are finally coming in the update. As you can see in the screenshots, this will allow users to delete any Siri-related recordings that might have been saved.

It also allows users to delete voice dictations if they have made any in the past as well. That being said, Apple does note that these recordings will only be stored for a limited time which means that they won’t be kept forever, but like we said, in case you’re not comfortable with the idea at all, this is one way to ensure your voice recordings are deleted.

We should also point out that Apple’s intentions for these analyses is to improve on the accuracy of Siri and its voice services, and not to snoop on people.

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