iOS 13 dark modeOne of the benefits of owning an iOS device is that updates are usually prompt. This means that when Apple releases an update, all their devices get it at the same time. This is versus Android where unless you own a Pixel phone, there is a good chance you will only get the latest version of Android a few months after its release.


This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that following the release of iOS 13, it appears that more than half of iPhones out there are already running on the latest version of the software. To be more specific, it seems that 55% of iPhones that were launched in the past four years are now powered by iOS 13, but if we were to cover all compatible iPhones, it would still be at a somewhat respectable rate of 50%.

We expect that those numbers should increase over time as more users start to upgrade their devices. That being said, iOS 13 has been a slightly buggy update. There have been numerous issues with the update ever since its release, so we wouldn’t be surprised if some users are choosing not to update their iPhones until Apple has sorted it out. The latest iOS release is iOS 13.1.3 which was made available a few days ago.

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