One of the long-awaited features that iPhone users have been asking for finally arrived with iOS 13, and that is a system-wide dark mode. While this might be initially seen as an aesthetics thing, where some users might prefer a dark look to their apps, it has been suggested that it could also help save battery, especially on OLED phones.


In a recent battery test run by PhoneBuff, it looks like it might have been proven true. In the video above, PhoneBuff runs the iPhones through a battery test in both a light mode and dark mode. Based on the tests, it does seem that the iPhone in dark mode really has the potential to save battery.

For example, while in dark mode, the iPhone dropped to 88% battery after 2 hours, while it dropped to 83% in the same time in light mode. The difference is more staggering at the 4 hour mark, where in dark mode, it was at 72% while in light mode, it dropped to 57%. At around the 7 hour 33 minute mark, the iPhone in night mode was completely depleted, while the iPhone in dark mode was at 30%.

While we can’t really say that this test is scientifically accurate as there are plenty of other factors to take into consideration, it does show the potential battery saving of dark mode. If you’d like to learn how to turn on dark mode on your iPhone, check out our guide here.

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