Being able to launch apps on your handset is something we can all expect as one of the most basic features of a smartphone. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a growing number of iPhone and iPad users who are encountering a weird issue in which whenever they launch a non-Apple app, they get an error message.

According to the error message, it reads, “The iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time. Please try again later.” It is unclear as to what could be causing this problem because based on Apple’s system status page, all systems seem to be up and running just fine. This suggests that there could be some kind of glitch that could be causing issues, which we hope will be resolved soon.

It seems unlikely that this could be an iOS 13 bug since it mentions a connection issue with iTunes, although at the same time, iOS 13 has had some issues with it since its release, so coupled with this problem, it doesn’t really feel like a very good start for Apple. In any case, if you do run into this error message, then know that you’re not alone in experiencing it and hopefully it should resolve itself in due time.

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