When Google initially launched the Google Home Mini, it seemed like it was Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo Dot. It was basically a smaller and cheaper version of the Google Home for those who did not need a full sounding speaker, but preferred the functionality of the built-in Google Assistant.

However, Google is changing that narrative where the company has since officially announced the new Nest Mini. This is more than just Google rebranding its devices as based on the hardware, the Nest Mini is actually a rather substantial upgrade over its predecessor that could make it worth upgrading to.

This is because Google has opted to improve the sound on the speakers, where the company claims it will offer louder bass and better sound quality overall, but given its size, we guess you shouldn’t expect too much. In addition to better sound, it will be smarter where Google has included a machine learning chip into them, where it will help with the processing of your requests on the device itself, making it faster than ever.

The new Nest Mini also comes with a hole in the back that allows for wall mounting, so you can place it in various parts of your home. With its price tag of $49, it is certainly a very compelling device and will be available for purchase starting on the 22nd of October.

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