One of the green initiatives we’ve seen from Tesla comes in the form of solar roofs. While solar panels installed on roofs aren’t exactly new, Tesla’s idea is to make the entire roof out of solar panels, which would boost the efficiency of it while helping to maintain the aesthetics of the home.

In the latest update to the company’s solar roof project, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed their latest offering which he claims will be cheaper than installing a new roof, and that apparently it will also be a lot easier to install. So much so that he also announced plans for an “installathon” where it would pit teams against each other to see who can install the roofs faster.

It was also revealed that the target was to install these roofs in about 8 hours, which is incredibly impressive, not to mention fast. This is because roofing is usually viewed as a multi-day kind of event, so for these tiles to be installed in less than half a day would truly be quite a feat.

For those who are interested in checking out these tiles and maybe getting them installed in your home, you can head on over to Tesla’s website to get an estimate and to place your order.

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