While we’ve seen many Chinese companies come up with unique and innovative products and technologies over the years, it’s hard to deny that copying tech products from other companies is something that routinely happens. When that happens, it’s up to tech companies to try and pursue legal action, but now it looks like the US government could be considering stepping in.


According to a report from the Washington Post, they have heard from their sources that the  Trump administration could be looking into possibly blacklisting Chinese companies that routinely infringe on intellectual property belonging to American firms. So much so that these companies could potentially find themselves placed on the US entity list, essentially barring them from doing any business with US firms.

While it sounds like it could benefit US companies who might find it hard to pursue legal action in China, it has been pointed out that it could also lead to potential abuse, where it could be used as a political weapon to put pressure on Chinese companies in the ongoing trade war between the US and China.

At the same time, it is unclear how effective such a ban would be, where companies who are blacklisted might simply choose to just sell their products elsewhere. White House advisor Peter Navarro has since called the report “fake news”, but the Post seems to be maintaining their stance.

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