Google Stadia will be going live later this month and while it does away with the need to own high-end gaming hardware, what it will require more so than ever is enough bandwidth and a fast enough internet connection to ensure that your gaming sessions do not get interrupted. The good news is that if you own a Google or Nest WiFi device, it could be to your advantage.

According to 9to5Google’s APK teardown of the new Google Home app, they have discovered that there will be a feature called “Gaming Preferred” where if enabled, will prioritize services like Stadia. This means that your Google or Nest WiFi device will favor Stadia’s connection over everything else, so that even if someone else is using the internet at home, your Stadia bandwidth should not (in theory) be affected.

Google has described the feature as, “Gaming preferred prioritizes Stadia so your gameplay doesn’t get slowed down by other devices or activities on your network, like someone streaming TV or browsing the web in the other room. Gaming preferred will work when you’re playing games on Stadia.”

This is expected to be a feature for the Google and Nest WiFi devices and other Made by Google products. It would also be a great way for Google to try and market their products and encourage greater adoption.

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