The tyres on our cars are extremely important where the size and grip of the tyres really helps to determine our driving experience. It also impacts the safety of the car, where some tyres are considered to be “better” than others for certain road conditions. Now it looks like Pirelli is taking things to the next level by developing smart and connected tyres that use 5G to relay information.

Dubbed the Pirelli Cyber Tyre, this tyre comes with an internal sensor that can detect the condition of the road, such as is it wet, what is the risk of aquaplaning, and so on. Based on that information, it can then enable the car to adapt its control and driving assistance systems to those road conditions, but that’s not all.

Pirelli is also planning on leveraging 5G technology where with the connectivity, it will also be capable of relaying that information to a central network where it can then be passed on to other cars who are in the nearby area, informing them of the road conditions that they are about to encounter as well.

According to the company, “Thanks to the potential of 5G, Pirelli is able to place the tyre inside a wider communication context which involves the enter ecosystem of on-road transportation, actively contributing to the development of solutions and services for future mobility and systems of autonomous driving.”

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