As gamers are aware, Capcom had previously remade Resident Evil 2, one of the more classic titles in the Resident Evil franchise. While the company has revisited older titles in the past, they have mostly been remasters where they have had their graphics updated to better suit modern day gaming machines.

However, if you’re looking for a full-blown remake like Capcom did with Resident Evil 2, you could be in luck because according to the rumors, there are talks that Resident Evil 3 could also be getting a remake in a similar vein as Resident Evil 2. This comes from a video published by YouTube channel Spawn Wave and has subsequently been corroborated by other publications such as Eurogamer and VGC, both of whom have heard from sources that a Resident Evil 3 remake is in development.

That being said, while Capcom has yet to officially confirm any of this, the company did state in the past that they were not opposed to revisiting older Resident Evil titles and remaking them if there was interest, so it’s not a stretch to think that Resident Evil 3 could be in development. Plus, Resident Evil 2’s remake was a success so to build off that makes a lot of sense financially as well.

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