Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro does not come cheap, although early reviews have suggested that it could be well-worth your money as many seem to be pretty thrilled with its performance, size, and also its keyboard, which sees Apple ditch the butterfly switches in favor of more traditional scissor switches.


However, it seems that despite these changes and improvements, there is still one aspect that Apple has yet to fix: the popping sound from the speakers. If you’re unfamiliar, there have been multiple reports over the years that sees users complain about the speakers of their MacBook Pros emitting a popping sound, and unfortunately for some 16-inch MacBook Pro models, that problem continues to persist even today.

It is unclear as to what could be causing the problem, although at least one person has suggested that it could be a software problem caused by Final Cut Pro X (previously there were reports about how Adobe Premiere Pro was blowing out MacBook Pro speakers). In any case, whatever the reason is, it is pretty disappointing especially on a laptop that costs so much.

Apple has yet to officially comment on the issue so we can’t be sure if it’s a hardware or software problem, but hopefully the company will be able to address it soon. In the meantime, you can check out the posts on the Apple Support forums if you want to see if your laptop could also be affected by this.

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