We’ve all made calls to our carriers to complain about poor service, being wrongly charged for services, and so on. Usually, it’s a good sign that things are going well if we rarely have to make these calls, but for one 71-year old man in Japan, it seems that there was nothing his carrier could do to make him happy.


So much so that he made 24,000 toll-free calls to KDDI where he would frequently complain about their service. In fact, these calls were made so frequently that the 71-year old was ultimately arrested by the Japanese police for “fraudulent obstruction of business”. According to the carrier, some of these calls would involve him calling and hanging up as soon as someone picked up the phone.

According to the man, he claimed that KDDI had allegedly violated his contract when he could not phone into a radio show using a number that the station had provided. As such, he wanted the company to send its staff to see him and to apologize for breaking the terms of his service contract.

The calls were said to have started back in May 2017 and were so frequent to the point where the company claims it interfered with their business. If found guilty, under Japanese law, the 71-year old could be sentenced up to three years in prison.

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