If you’ve been looking forward to getting your hands on Apple’s new Mac Pro, you might have heard that it is now available for order. The base model of the new Mac Pro does not come cheap, but it seems that if it isn’t powerful enough for your needs and would like to upgrade it, prepare to empty your bank account.

Based on the configuration page on Apple’s website, maxing out the Mac Pro’s specs will cost you a whopping $53,000 give or take. This is actually in line with an earlier report that suggested that it could cost that much, but now this is official based on the specs and prices listed on Apple’s website.

This includes a 2.5GHz 28‑core Intel Xeon W processor, 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC RAM, dual AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPUs with 32GB of VRAM each, 4TB of SSD st orage, an Apple Afterburner card, wheels for the casing of the Mac Pro, a Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 combo, and also preinstalled versions of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

We’re not sure how many customers would actually need a fully specced out Mac Pro, but if you did, that’s how much it would cost you. Also, this is just for the computer alone and if you wanted the Apple Pro Display XDR, you would need to tack on an extra $5,000 and and extra $999 if you wanted the stand.

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