The best camera that you could possibly own is the one that’s with you. If you don’t take the shot, then it’s as good as not having a camera at all. Granted, there are certain pieces of gear that can probably get the job done a lot faster and a lot better, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still create something amazing.

To prove that, director David Leitch filmed an iPhone commercial for Apple where with the iPhone 11 Pro, he managed to shoot a very epic and impressive snowball fight sequence that you can check out in the video above titled “Snowbrawl”. For those unfamiliar, Leitch is a director that is probably best known for movies such as the original John Wick and also Deadpool 2, so suffice to say that he knows a thing or two about shooting fight sequences.

It also goes to show how well the iPhone handles itself when it comes to shooting videos, where if you did not know any better, you might have assumed that it was shot using fancy high-end equipment. While we’re not saying that you should go out and replace your DSLRs and video cameras anytime soon, it is comforting to know that our smartphones these days can shoot in quality high enough.

Apple has also done a pretty good job with its latest iPhone, where it seems that it can hold its own when it goes up against a $20,000 Leica camera.

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