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Some iPhone 11 Users Are Seeing Increased Battery Health After Battery Recalibration
It was recently discovered that Apple will be including a new battery recalibration tool in iOS 14.5 that will adjust and recalibrate the iPhone’s battery health like maximum capacity and peak performance capability. Now according to various users who are taking part in the iOS 14.5 beta, they are seeing positive results.

iPhone 11 Pro With Misaligned Logo Sells For $2,700
Society is a bit funny sometimes. When we receive a product that is not up to the quality or standards we expect from the company, we make a fuss about it. However, there is another part of society where these sorts of quality issues are actually welcome and accepted because it represents a rare occurrence.

iPhone 11 Pro Survives An Entire Month Submerged At The Bottom Of An Icy Lake
Apple’s iPhones have been rated with a certain degree of water-resistance, but the keyword here is “resistance” as opposed to being waterproof. This means that the iPhones have been rated to withstand water immersion for a certain length of time and only at certain depths, but it has been proven time and time again that these ratings are extremely conservative.

Some iPhone 11 And iPhone 12 Models Are Experiencing Color Fading
In recent years, Apple started to introduce more color options for its iPhones. This is a good thing as it helped to create a more colorful lineup, but unfortunately there seems to be some downsides to choosing some of these brighter colors. This is because according to a report from, the colors are fading.


Still-Functioning iPhone 11 Discovered In A Lake Six Months After It Was Lost
We think that for the most part, most handset makers tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to rating their devices for water-resistance. After all, if they claim their phone is waterproof only for it to be discovered it isn’t, that could spell huge legal trouble. This is why more often than not, many are surprised to discover just how water-resistant their phones are.

iPhone 11 Recovered A Year After It Was Stolen
One of the features we’re seeing in modern day smartphones is the ability to track it when it goes missing or if it has been stolen. Some thieves try to be clever by turning off the phone when they steal it to prevent the GPS from being activated, but in the case of Redditor u/Sweetmona1, it seems that her patience paid off.

iPhone 12 Pre-Orders Appear To Have Beaten The iPhone 11
Many were understandably upset at the fact that Apple isn’t bundling accessories with its new iPhones, and the fact that the phones do not come with a 120Hz refresh rate display despite many Android competitors offering similar hardware features. However, it seems that despite the initial upset, many ended up pre-ordering the phones anyway.

Apple Crushes The Competition With The iPhone 11
When Apple launched the iPhone XR, we were wondering if this could end up being like the iPhone 5c which turned out to be a flop. However, Apple proved the skeptics wrong where the iPhone XR sold like hotcakes. It looks like Apple might have another winner on their hands and also the key to a winning formula with the iPhone 11.

Gorilla Glass’ Victus Proves To Be Extremely Durable
The other day, Corning unveiled their latest Gorilla Glass which comes in the form of Victus. This is supposed to be the company’s toughest Gorilla Glass yet, but of course the company would say that, right? Turns out that they weren’t just making empty claims, at least that’s what the video above by PhoneBuff has confirmed.

Some iPhone 11 Devices Are Displaying A Weird Green Tint On Their Displays
If you’re an iPhone 11 owner who is starting to notice that their display is having a strange green tint to it, you’re not alone. This is because according to a number of growing user reports, it appears that some iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max owners are claiming that their devices are showing a weird green tint to them.

Apple’s iPhone 11 Has Surpassed The iPhone XR As The World’s Most Popular Smartphone
It looks like Apple could have a winning formula on their hands because according to data released by Omdia, it has been suggested that the iPhone 11, released last year, is now the “world’s most popular” smartphone, surpassing that of the iPhone XR which was released in 2018.

iPhone SE Battery Test Shows You What You Get For $399
Apple’s new iPhone SE comes at a price of $399, a price tag that we haven’t seen on an iPhone ever since the original iPhone SE. However, the affordable price tag also means that certain compromises had to be made in terms of the choice of hardware and features, where apparently battery size was one of those compromises.

iPhone 11 Was Apple’s Best-Selling iPhone During The Holiday Quarter
A couple of weeks ago, a report from the CIRP suggested that Apple’s iPhone 11 was outselling its “Pro” siblings. It looks like the report is pretty spot on because according to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, he has confirmed that the iPhone 11 is the best-selling iPhone during the holiday quarter, where it was the top-selling iPhone every week for the month of December.

The ‘Budget’ iPhone 11 Is Outselling The Pro Version
When Apple released the iPhone XR, some were a bit skeptical about the phone’s ability to succeed. After all, Apple had tried and failed with the iPhone 5c, but it seems that things were really different with the iPhone XR, where according to report after report, all of it seemed to arrive at the same conclusion: it was outselling the more expensive iPhone models.

iOS 13.3.1 To Address iPhone 11 Privacy Issues
Last year there was a bit of controversy surrounding the iPhone 11 when it was discovered that even when users told the phone not to use location services, it would still continue to do so. Apple later offered an explanation in which they said that this was due to the use of the U1 ultra wideband chip that made its debut in the iPhone 11 models.

Watch The iPhone 11 Pro Go Up Against A $250,000 Camera
The tech on our smartphone cameras have evolved and improved over the years, to the point where some have argued that there might no longer be a need for compact cameras. In fact, to a certain extent, cameras on our smartphones are good enough where at a glance, it could be on par with DSLRs and more professional rigs.

Apple Reportedly Cutting Back iPhone 11 Production In Anticipation Of iPhone 12
Apple will be launching their next-gen iPhone in 2020, which at the moment is tentatively known as the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 will come with a host of new features, but it seems that the features might be big enough where customers are apparently hold off on buying the iPhone 11, so much so that Apple could be cutting back on production.

Apple Offers Explanation For iPhone 11 Accessing Location Even When Disabled
Just the other day, it was reported that there was an issue with the iPhone 11 handsets where it appeared that even when told not to share location of the user, it continued to do so. It sounded like a bug but when security researcher Brian Krebs asked Apple about it, he was told that this was “expected behavior”.

iPhone 11 Continues Using Your Location Even After You Tell It Not To
For a company that seems to pride itself on protecting the privacy of its users, it seems that Apple’s iPhone 11 might have a serious privacy problem. This is according to a report from Krebs On Security in which it was discovered that despite disabling location tracking, the iPhone 11 continues accessing it anyway.

John Wick’s Director Shot This Epic Snowball Action Sequence Using Only The iPhone
The best camera that you could possibly own is the one that’s with you. If you don’t take the shot, then it’s as good as not having a camera at all. Granted, there are certain pieces of gear that can probably get the job done a lot faster and a lot better, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still create something amazing.