One of the problems with growing your own herbs and vegetables is that there are different ways to approach different plants, and unless you bother doing the time to research, you might not be successful with your attempts. However, LG is hoping to solve that problem by debuting an indoor vegetable cultivator at CES 2020.


With this new indoor gardening appliance, it will make the process of growing your own herbs and vegetables a lot easier, and also a lot more convenient as it can all be done indoors.

According to LG, “Utilizing flexible modules, the appliance replicates optimal outdoor conditions by precisely matching the temperature inside the insulated cabinet with the time of day. LED lights, forced air circulation and wick-based water management allow seeds to transform quickly into ingredients for delicious recipes and dishes.”

Would-be gardeners will only require is the use of all-in-one seed packages that contain both fertilizer and peat moss. There will also be an accompanying app for the cultivator that lets users keep an eye on their gardening efforts.

The cultivator will also feature enough space for as many as 24 seeds so while you won’t be growing enough to sell at the market, LG claims that it should be enough to feed a family of four.

There is no word on how much LG’s indoor cultivator will cost, although judging by its size and features, it probably won’t come cheap.

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