There are a lot of VPN options out there. However, when Mozilla announced their plans for a VPN, it was indeed exciting to look for.

The testing was limited to a few users. However, with the recent announcement, they have decided to make the VPN browser extension available for U.S users.

You do not have to pay anything – but you will be limited to 12-hour access to test the VPN extension.

It is worth noting that you need a Firefox account in order to access and use the extension.

In addition to the browser extension, you can also notice a limited time offer of $4.99/month for the beta phase if you want to try the VPN for Windows 10.

For now, there are no options available for Android/iOS, you can just try the full device protection solution on Windows only.

However, for the extension, you can try it on Linux/macOS and Windows as well. If you are curious about its support for other platforms like macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS – you should keep an eye out on their official website.

The pricing and the availability should change after it gets out of the beta testing phase. What do you think about a VPN solution by Firefox? Let us know your thoughts.

Featured Image Credits: Mozilla Blog

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