While Safari might not necessarily be the most feature-rich browser, one of the things the company has done right is through a feature known as Intelligent Tracking Prevention, in which it would block cookies on the web from tracking users across multiple websites which in turn prevents advertisers from building a profile about you.

As it turns out, Safari is actually doing a very good job at it, according to a report from The Information (paywall) where they claim, “Since Apple introduced what it calls its Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature in September 2017, and with subsequent updates last year, advertisers have largely lost the ability to target people on Safari based on their browsing habits with cookies, the most commonly used technology for tracking.”

However, while this might be a win for end-users, it might be bad for websites that largely rely on ads for revenue. This is because advertisers might be less willing to pay for ads that are displayed on Mac or iOS because it would be harder for them to build targeted ads. Advertisers had previously expressed their displeasure at the feature, but on Apple’s front, they seem to be standing their ground with regards to protecting user privacy.

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