These days, smoking cigarettes amongst the youth is no longer “cool”, instead, it seems that high schoolers have turned towards e-cigarettes, where it seems that the number of teens smoking e-cigarettes have doubled from the previous year, while cigarette smoking has actually declined.


That being said, this is not any more healthier than cigarettes, but thankfully, it seems that the government is about to make it harder for teens to gain access to it. This is because US Congress has passed a new law in which come 2020, it will raise the legal age to vape and smoke tobacco products from 18 years old to 21 years old.

However, as BuzzFeed News notes, while the legal age for smoking is 18 years old nationwide, there are actually many states across the country that have changed it to older than 18, but we guess the new law will affect those states who have maintained it at 18. Whether or not this will reduce the number of people smoking remains to be seen.

After all, as many of us can probably attest, teens will find a way to get their hands on cigarettes and alcohol despite being underaged, so while this is a step in the right direction, we’re not sure if it will completely solve the problem.

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