Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed the existence of their next-gen consoles, which means that the console wars are about to start anew. So, which platform will dominate this round? The previous round saw Sony lead the way by a considerable margin, but could Microsoft’s Xbox Series X take the lead this time?


According to Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer, it seems that the company is banking on it and they are hoping to achieve this by making the most powerful console. Speaking to GameSpot, Spencer hinted that the next-gen Xbox could potentially be more powerful than Sony’s PS5. “Our goal has always been to build the most powerful console we can, and I think we’re there. We like leading in power and performance and I feel like we’re going to be there again.”

The company had previously suggested that the Xbox Series X will be eight times more powerful than the Xbox One and twice as powerful as the Xbox One X. As for Sony, the company has only confirmed the existence of the PS5 but stopped short of actually announcing any specs.

This means that we have no idea if Microsoft could indeed beat Sony in terms of performance, but it looks like that’s what the company is aiming for.

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