One of the surprising changes that Apple made to its iPhones last year was longer battery life. For years, the company has been trying to compress its iPhones as much as possible to the point where they were forsaking features such as battery life in pursuit of thinness. That was why last year was rather surprising.

However, it seems that Apple could potentially be going back to slimming down its phones, or at least that’s according to a report from Mac Otakara who claims that the 2020 iPhone could be thinner than its predecessor.

According to the rumors, Apple could launch at least four iPhone models this year, one of which is a 6.7-inch model that will be the top of the line model. The report claims that it could come with a thickness of 7.4mm which makes it about 10% thinner than its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

We’re not sure if this thinness will come at the expense of battery life, but we’re certainly hoping that is not the case. Many reviews have since praised the extended battery life on Apple’s 2019 iPhones, so it would be shame for them to take a step backwards.

That being said, this is just a rumor for now so it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt.

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